14 November, 2008

A moment with Netra

It's not that I am not spending time with Netra, its just that I am not being able to show my world captured through Netra's eyes to the world. She is surely disappointed. I bought her the gift the other day, the one that allows you to add extra light to what you see. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to see her adorn that. Sometimes I wonder whether it was worth it. Instead I could have got her another lens. I am sure she would have been happier.

But then, mistakes happen. One cannot get stressed because of it. Just let it go.. and move on. I am sure Netra would understand that me not spending too much time with her, is no way a signifier of me not loving her.

My love for her has not died out and will not be. We just enjoyed the beautiful fall season. It was nature at its best. Netra could not stop smiling. And why should she? It is always great to see your loved one be happy. Even if its for the silliest thing you do. She kept making those weird click noises, which would perhaps disturb the birds in the trees or annoy people passing by. But I did not care. I was happy... as she was happy. As we walked through the woods, with she in my arms, and her arms around my neck, I felt blessed. I felt blessed for being able to spend the time with someone I loved dearly and be so close to her. I guess it was more special as I was spending so much time with her after a long time.

We sit in the cozy room arms in arms, staring across the window, at the naked trees. With shades of gray and brown only. The gloomy atmosphere slowly starts to set in. It's going to be a harsh winter ahead I hear. We perhaps will go to some other places during that time.

But before that I am taking Netra to Augusta and Atlanta. The time out of the boundaries of the home and also around a different part of the US should make her feel better. I know however I am not going to be showing a different culture, but I think introducing her to some of my other friends would be good. A love should not feel sad or jealous if the other lover loves to do something and feels happy doing it. I like to enjoy with my friends and I would love that Netra also enjoys their company. I have seen so many of my friends get into bad situations if this is not the case. Like they say, I am happy if you are happy, and vice versa.I could sense the jealousy within Netra, when in one of the past weeks my love was more showered towards the art of driving and those monster vehicles. I could also sense her sobbing in the confinement of her space, crying for attention. But I hope she understands that, that love was ephemeral and transitory. True love is always long lasting and I know for sure that my love for Netra is nothing short of it.

Love ya always.


nitesh said...

Looking forward to meet Netra in India....:)

I am said...

I think I have seen one of the best sights by her :) and I love her absolutely..

Raj Tipparaju said...

Cute love story. While I am a little sad to say that I too am sailing in the same boat and not giving attention to the ones I should be, I take this blog as a lesson and make a conscious effort not to continue in this mode which I know is detrimental to me and my loved ones.

Very good presentation Kshitiz. Keep it up.