14 November, 2008

Update Update Update....

It's interesting to see how time management skills are most important in this fast paced world today. Just the other day I spoke about this and other aspects of "life" which gives one joy, to one of my friends. There were a couple of reasons for doing it. Firstly it helped him. And secondly it helped me too.
It compelled me to think about my days and how they were passing by so soon. I often wonder, did I really do something worthwhile today? Did I really work? Then I try to comfort myself by saying that I did think about a few things, I spoke to a few people about those few things (read chat), and then I did further research (read internet surfing) about those few things, typed out a few mails trying to connect one idea with the other.
Come to think of it, there are a few things that I stopped doing or don't do as frequently.
My Flickr activity is on an all time low. One way that is good, as I am able to devote time, energy and effort onto somethings more important.
Reading has caught pace again. Missing out on watching the movies though. I should do that as much as possible.
Writing up is on an all time high. Just trying to re-consolidate what I have read in the class readings and also other books helps in remembering them.

With the decision to go back to India after my masters, things have suddenly heaten up! I feel ideas playing a fast paced game in my mind. One moment I am on this idea, the other moment I am on the other. But overall the ideas seem to be focusing around a few things. I am in this phase where the mind is flooded. I need to do a mind dump some day soon. That would lead to making those connections better. I did one for my thesis project. I should do that for the other things too.

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I am said...

good luck with executing all the ideas swimming in your head :)

one at a time :)
all the best, again