22 November, 2008


Of late I have been in this non-stop working mode.

One of the films that has hugely inspired me in my photography, the style and the subject is Born into Brothels. I have watched it multiple times and the desires to do something worthwhile in life always sets the adrenaline pumping high! The photographer went on to set up the organization Kids with Cameras.

Today was no different! I remember this kid, Avijit from the movie. Just learnt that this kid has now been admitted to the Tisch School of Arts, NYU. And that is such a great news!!!!!!
It inspires me for my project all the more.
"Avijit has been accepted to Tisch School of the Arts at NYU! To help fund his education expenses, he has selected nine of his photographs taken last summer in Calcutta and combined them into a stunning collection of postcards. On the back you will find Avijit's title and description of each photograph. Purchase this set of nine postcards and help Avijit realize his educational goals! "

The point I am trying to make is that there is a determination that can be seen in the photographer, the student and finally there are people in the world who are helping Avijit achieve his dreams.

What is more interesting but not significant, is that I was admitted there too (I did not make it there finally though). Wish I had, then I would be studying alongside him! :)

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I am said...

this is a very good movie infact .. I liked it too..