08 November, 2010

And life drags on..

Do not go by the title of the post. Inspite of the drag, I think I have been having a rather interesting life of late I must say.

There are things that have happened knowingly, and some that happened unknowingly. 

Amongst the things that have happened in the recent past, some of the interesting things were that I got to exercise my voting rights and voted for the first time (the ink is still to go away from my fingers though! Wonder what it is made of!). 

One of the bad thing is that unknowingly, I had a big fight with my old landlord. I realize that the only way a landlord can harass is by blackmailing to cut from the advance amount that he has in store. I felt so helpless, to see the hard earned money being taken away in front of me, and I could not do anything. Never ever in my life have I wished so bad for a person as the old landlord. I also got to face racial discrimination for the first time in Bangalore; when I least expected it.

The good thing is that I shifted to a new house, that is bigger, better, airy, and the apartment complex comes with a gym and swimming pool. This new place is a bit far from the hustle bustle of the main city, but I guess it is just this kind of place that I need at this point of time in my life. It gives me more time to invest in productive things, without the distractions nearby.

The other bad (or good? as some friends say) thing is that I spent insane amounts for my wedding shopping. I am still to get out of the shock of it. The fact that I was doing it all through the heavy rainfall that had the entire Bangalore indoors and enjoying chill bhajji and chai, shows the extent to which I was shopping. Thanks to a dear friend and my sister for helping me out with spending so much and of course the selection of stuff. And yes .. I am still to plan for the honeymoon. Will do that when I get out of the shock of the wedding expenses I guess.

Work wise, been working on a couple interesting projects and a few more photo assignments promises to bring in the excitement further.  Amongst the wedding shoots that are planned, I have a Gujarati, Bengali, Maharashtrian, Kannadiga weddings to shoot. And then there is another Christian wedding to attend. (my friend strictly warned me NOT to shoot there as he wants me to enjoy the wedding)  I love these weddings and am always on the lookout to shoot different culture weddings. They provide such a nice opportunity to learn about the different cultures.

Travel cannot be ignored for long time in my case.. can it? So the coming few weeks require excessive travel around Bihar (yes yes there are decent roads there now, I have seen them myself, and the rallies around development are not unreal) and a trip to Mumbai around the end of this year.

Btw, I also got a verbal whacking from a client for a project we have been doing and they were not happy about it. I realized that there is absolutely NO compromise of quality that can happen if we are to survive. Really appreciate the client for the honest feedback.

Also a bit disappointed at most friends not being able to make it for the wedding, but I guess one has to get realistic. people are busy in their lives and to take out the time to attend a wedding in one remote part of the country it perhaps not a good idea for a lot :)

In the end its all about yourself. Nothing else matters.

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Swati said...

You know that I really want to be there for your wedding but then you also know why I am not able to make it :(
sorry :( :(