03 November, 2010

Is Facebook taking control of your life?

Came across this advertisement in a store today and it caught my attention.

I was also laughing at the irony of things. The ad did set me thinking that there are so many of us whose life seems to be just taken over by Facebook. Many to the extent that the first thing that they do when they wake up is check their Facebook account.

Also the other day, an acquaintance on Facebook, who in Facebook's language would be a friend, pinged me, saying that we have not met, but have been Facebook friend for over a year now and that we should catch up in person, for real.

I have been making this conscious effort to avoid spending a lot of time on FB. I also detest it when people post a lot of their personal activity on FB. I mean why does the world need to know it?

I think the whole notion of friend has changed by the advent of Facebook. I seriously think that FB should have an option of acquaintance only. But perhaps people will take offense. :)

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