23 November, 2010

A wave of change

The more I travel around Bihar, and see the development around, the more I am hopeful and praying for Nitish to return for a second term. I have been interacting with people in different places and across locations. I visit schools to see the classrooms fill with children and the common complaint form teachers being that there is a need for more classrooms. (Many schools run 2 classes in one classroom, with children of different classes facing the other ends of the room). I witness the huge queues for voting during the recently concluded elections,  and at places the queue for women being more often. I see more and more girls on streets on bicycles, riding away confidently into their bright future.

Yesterday our vehicle was cruising at 110 kmph on the highway and we crossed around 5 districts. (Saharsa, Madhepura, Purnia, Katihar, and Bhagalpur). So one cannot say that the development is limited to only Patna. Natural speed breakers in the form of Buffaloes on the roads greeted us, but come-on give them that luxury of walking on well laid roads, without the fear of spraining their ankles. :) 

My driver was at his stunt best and we had a couple close saves. I had to actually tell him, bhaiya, Bihar ka road hai .. slow down! :) He replied by saying, bhaiya chinta mat karo. I know my roads and the vehicle well. I wonder what roads, the roads he used to travel on, was non existent. However I give in to his confidence, and reach my destination on time.

I take my camera out, an expensive one that one, without fear. Just an initial inhibition, but that is natural I guess.

I agree that the work needs to be done is a lot more. Whoever wins, let the development revolution begin and peace prevail in our state. Please. This is a request from a aam Bihari. 

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