30 October, 2008


:) Tagged by Sharanya on this series !
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Initially I thought its kinda difficult to have a list of 5. As I had so many. But then when I started to think about the addiction, I think it was diffcult to comeup with something very concrete.

#1) M & M
No no .. this is not the sweets (chocolates that is pretty famous here.. and at times I have seen people have that for lunch ! OMG)
My M&M is Movies and Music. I just cannot do a day without listening to music. And of late this has revolved around only Hindi and fusion music. Rock happens to be pleasing only in the pubs or when with friends. But when I am by myself, I need music that is more pleasing to the soul. Happen to shift regularly between ghazals and oldies these days.
And I cannot do a week without watching movies(s). In a normal week, I would do 4 movies. If I am in the super mood, it could very well stretch to 7. And minimum 1 is definitely a must!

#2) FOF (Social Networking Sites)
FOF. stands for Flickr, Orkut, and Facebook. I don't use any others. Just these three. Inspite of the numerous invitations. This however is very phased out. Sometimes it is there and I do it regularly and checking it more than a few times everyday. However at times I take these voluntary breaks. It's funny how Flickr, has become more of a SNS to me than a picture uploading site. I seem to have got somereally good e-friends there. I share my life quite a lot with them. What is sad is that at times when I want someone in person, I have no one by my side and that situation really changes my mood to something bad.

#3) Morning Tea
Ever since I got into this habit of drinking tea (class KG, or 1) i developed the fascination for it.
Being in a tea-town, Darjeeling helped ! :) You had to be a proud tea drinker if you spent a good 11 years there! My favorite are the road side tea and the ones you get on the railway stations in India. Not too much finicky about which tea leaves to have. I am not much of a black tea drinker either. The closest to that I come is when I have lemon tea or ginger lemon tea.

#4) Smiling
I know this is something that is not a thing thing .. but it is something that I cannot do without! :) If I were to give a dollar to myself with everytime I smile of use the smiley emoticon in my chats/ mails / blogs, i would have been a millionaire by now! If I am not doing it, people point out and ask, is everything ok! :D
See there I go again!
It's so interesting to keep smiling when on the streets, and watch people either smile back at you, or get surprised as to whats going on in my head! The funny thing happened when once an old man at a bus stop and an old lady asked me what the joke was ! lol ! :)

#5) Sunglight and a view across a window.
I simply cannot work in a room without windows. I so wish that when I have my house, I will have one face of the room as a huge window. Or perhaps the whole wall made of glass! I am so much of a natural light person, that even my camera flash is lying around without use!

Overall I would say that I am addicted to life. But then that would be a very big category! :)
Thanks Sharanya.. that was interesting!

So, passing along the tag, I tag,

Look forward to hearing from them :)


~mE said...

Wah !!! these are not real addictions only re :)
smiling and all is good only :))

I am said...

The smiling addiction IS Best works for you as well as others :) too

Remain Addicted :)