12 October, 2008

The Third Promise

Of late have been analyzing the medium of black and white film and realist cinema.
In an attempt to understand more on the realist notion of film theory, today I watched the movie Teesri Kasam.

I absolutely loved the movie or a ton of reasons. Here are a few of them.

The innocence of Raj Kapoor. (I wished that I was there in his times to see him in person.)
The ever beautiful Waheeda Rehman (I actually told my sister to tell mom to find a girl like her :P for me)
The movie is set in Bihar.. so that makes it more special. (I added a new entity in my bucket list. To make a movie / documentary set in rural Bihar)
The chai dukaan scene at the fair. They speak my home language there at the chai stall. I got all senti with tears and all on hearing that.. Emotions I tell u .. hard to control at times..
The rural roads.. the bullock carts..

I cried for a while today on listening to this song...

..and then sang along aloud to this one. I felt so happy singing aloud after such a long time!

Was one of those days .. that is just meant to be for oneself... and enjoyed with things that you love doing. I am glad I was able to do some of them.


I am said...

nice post.. kshitiz, but ek baat I don't understand or have failed to understand..what's the big deal in wanting to control emotions!!

aree jo hai woh hai,
jo nahi hai, woh nahi hai !!

what's the need to be a control freak in it..

Kshitiz Anand said...

I agree to that bit .. One should not hold the emotions.. like they say . let it flow. :)
Thanks Tanu.

anonymous said...

As they say "u can take a Bihari out of bihar but never Bihar out of a bihari " ;)

anonymous said...


yves said...

Hello Kshitiz,
Dropped by looking for people with whom to share impressions about "The kite Runner", and then I found you had fallen like me in love with Teesri Kasam!!
Here's my view of it (http://www.letstalkaboutbollywood.com/article-25393179.html), if you'd like to tell me more, don't hesitate. The last page of the blog is about Hosseini's book.
Thanks for the great time reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow How nice kshitiz. The way you expressed your emotions is really heart touching. You present your thoughts in excellent way, it touches to the others heart. I love reading your blogs and the song is really great, after listing this song even I cried for a while. Aur vo chai ki dukaan ki scene to ek dam mast hai