29 October, 2008


The other day a friend of mine mentioned that one should not suppress the emotions and one should let it flow. This is something that I have been suffering from I guess.
I want to cry at times. Sometimes its cry for joy. Sometimes sorrow. Sometimes as despair. Sometimes they could be for remembrance of a failed past. But the tears just don't come. I know that inside the flow is there, but its just not evident on the front.
Perhaps thats a way to show that I am normal. But when I think about what my friend said, I think I am not.

It's funny how photographs are so instrumental as emotion enhancers. Just saw a photograph... and resulted in this situation.


I am said...

:) hota hai..yeh tera nahi tere hormones ka problem hai.. am so thankful for being a girl and have hormones that do not restrain me from expressing..nor does the society..feels wired when I cry :)

but tum logoon ka to problem hi problem..hai :)

watch pyar ke side effects the movie recommends a way for the tears to flow..let me tell u secret..nothing is so peaceful in life than crying and let the pain leave :) :O) ... msst msst... unfortunately guys are handicapped to even feel a pinch of it :) too bad ..

and yes, photographer are so good at capturing and enhancing others emotions BUT apnee pe aiee to tain taiin phusss :)

hope u find a way to let the emotion leave you and not constrain within :)
its peace & its bliss..

Kshitiz Anand said...

Hmm .. good thoughts.
Bechare hormones...

Seen Pyar ke side effects , had loved that movie.

Like that comment on the photographers .. hehe! So true!

I will find that way you mention. :)

~mE said...

which photo..show show...

Akshay said...

I cry when I want to....... always have that glycerine's bottle handy....