21 October, 2008

I love .. therefore I Dance

:) ...
I went around doing some dancing today!
It's been one of my desires to do a dance performance in front of a crowd.
My turn is come to do so! and Yes... I am excited about it!

Come Friday Come !


~mE said...

yay, dancing is good and i love dancing too :)
rock on :))

PS: can we seee the video :D

I am said...

he he he....my dream is to sing ON stage ONCE in my life :)

oh yes, dancing is so much fun ...it exists in the mitochondria of my DNA :) kahinn bhii kabhi bhi :)

u have fun dancing... :)
enjoy maadi

Kshitiz Anand said...

:) Surely will Sharanya!

Thanks Tanu ! :)
Go for the dream!