15 October, 2008

Unforgotten desires

...write a book. (this refurbished after this year's Booker prize winner was yet another Indian)
...make a movie. (this came back after a discussion with a friend who went to Film School)
...travel across all states in India before I turn 30.
...visit North East. (Again .. inspiration from a friend who wants to work in the North East)
...teach a class for a semester. (Came back strongly after I got more involved in design preaching)
...take photography workshops. (Friday, I taught another friend... that inspired me!)
...take my grandparents on a plane ride. (I hear Jet and KF merged in India and Capt Gopinath wants to stick with the LCC model)
...stay in Varanasi in winters for a week or more and do photo-documentary inspired by a Satyajit Ray's film.
...revisit Kolkata and find this child.
It haunts me...

Time is unstoppable. Why should the desires be stopped and forgotten?

1 comment:

I am said...

:) never give up on desires :) neither compromise : [DONKEY attitude yaad hai nah,:)? ]

mere bhi desires hain 'copy paste item' 1 to 4 then '6 to 9'

I have a friend who is a director now will work with her if/when I go back to Cal :)

and it was so nice when two years back I took my grandma on a plane, U WILL LOVE IT... I want to bring her now to US :) lets see kitna ho pata hai :)

nice post Kshitiz ..nostalgic ho gaya mai to :)