13 January, 2009

...and the last lap began.

How often I have been in this situation...
At crossroads or of a unclear path ahead..
wishing that the choices were less..
and the mind at some peace..

To Somewhere...

In the last lap here now...
last semester...one week done... fifteen more to go!
I think this one is going to be a hectic one too..
with loads of reading and thinking ..

The thoughts of a career..
Giving me sleepless nights..
Hopefully the puzzle will be solved
and the pieces fit together.

Kela waala


Café P11 said...

maybe you like my blog

anewlife said...

tough place to be in ...and so exciting too..the whole infront of you...and scary as hell...

surely will all come together in good time......even if at times it does seem to be unravelling...when you look back it will all fit in....

all the best ..may god be with you ...well he is always..ok re-phrase..hope you feel him holding your hand when in need :)

Kshitiz Anand said...

Ya absolutely agree Jyoti.
It is indeed scary .. I have been having sleepless nights.. and gosh .. its just the start of the semester! Hopefully things will improve as one goes along.

Thank you for your wishes. And ya .. the faith in the almighty is always there.

Swati Seth said...

Lovely post and beautiful pictures