08 January, 2009

Tagged (Six random things about myself)

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So here they are,
1) I love to go on unplanned trips. I love to travel in the most rural means of transport, in unfamiliar places, where people do not recognize me, and where I am not able to communicate in their language and the only means of communication is my smile and the other signs. In fact my new year resolution this year is to smile everyday! :)

2) I have a great amount of uncertainty to a certain extent.. but when I decide on something ... I have a great determination towards attaining it! I like to dream crazy stuff... and go to a great extent to fulfill them. I fulfill them and then shed tears of joy (Yes.. I do cry :P) over it and then dream more.

3) I have an obsession for India and anything Indian. I have an old resolution to travel across India before I turn thirty! So not many years left to fulfill that! Covered quite a few states... 18-19 I think.

4) I love meeting new people, but still cannot start a conversation when in a public place. So, I chat a lot! (My typing speed actually has improved a lot because of that) And often people confuse whether I am the same person with whom they were chatting when they meet me in person. When in person, I am often a quiet person and more of a listener! I have a tendency to stay in touch with people for a long time and am thrilled when I get back in touch with someone after a long time!

5) When, I was a kid I loved to make my own greeting cards. I think it made it extra special for the person for whom the card was made.. When in class four, I mistook Anniversary for University and was about to send a hand made card to my parents saying "Happy University" . Thank god we had a outing, and in the store I saw a Anniversary card! :P I think I would soon get back to sending physical tangible cards again rather than just e cards!

6) I have this feeling that I want to do so many things that one lifetime is too short a time for it. I thus want to write a book, make movies, roam the world, give lectures... and of-course design! !!! Phew.... Is that a disorder?

Most cool bloggers I know are already tagged, so all those who feel inspired, do write and let me know your list ! :)

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iya said...

I did the job ! Loved every minute of writing :) Thanks

~mE said...

aray wah :)