18 January, 2009

On Happiness...

"...the girl who marries you will be a very lucky girl.", she said!

"All that I wish for is that she is as crazy as me... and willing to understand the craziness... understand me as I am... understand the purpose of my life....Seriously this is all I ask. Just an understandable person",
he said.

"So what is purpose of life?. The purpose of your life? The purpose of my life?", she asked.

"Well, life is not worth living, or things not worth doing if it is not giving you true happiness", he replied back instantly. It looked as if he had the answer at the tip of his mouth, waiting to be blurted out. He had done that a couple of times and spoken to many with the same vigor. He had been in this state of just talking for long duration on this.

And then he added, "Isn't it wonderful if the way you live life revolves around the word happy. There is no thing as sad. Either you are not happy or you are less happy or you are more happy. So when you are you are not in a state which you , of saying I am bad, doesn't it make a slight difference to say I am not too good instead. I go a step further. I say either I am good or I am great. I guess ' just a first step towards removing the negativity and the pessimism that surrounds us. That is so easy to get to a person. It affects the person to a large extent."

She smiled. Suddenly things started to have a different meaning in her life. The confusion that was literally killing her from inside seemed to be vanishing away. Her determination to succeed and be a person who she was, grew exponentially.

He continued,"If one revolves the life around happiness, i.e. giving happiness and spreading happiness, suddenly the whole situation changes. But there is a catch. As often people tend to relate these two to be complimentary. Mentioning that only when one happens, the other will happen. I don't think so that is true. Being content with what one has is the first step towards attaining that state of being happy. I often have been roaming on the streets, clicking photographs, visiting places, meeting people, and I wonder what is it that makes them smile in these conditions. And I think that thing is being content about whatever situation they are in. Now being content does not mean that one has to stop dreaming about things or not having a goal towards gaining something new. It means to accepting what you are and what you have and being content and Happy with that at first. Only when one is happy with that, they can seek out to spreading happiness and as a result, gaining more happiness. Cribbing about what is not there, and looking too much into the future of how things will be are also the bringers of this unhappiness."

...to be continued.


Abhikalp said...

I agree with your 'He' character, and no... being happy and content doesn't mean that you become complacent. It means you become fearless, you have nothing to lose, you are happy and satisfied.

Also once you feel happy from within, your goals and perspective towards life changes, and I think those goals are more meaningful and there is always once outcome of those goals...more happiness.

iya said...

The last paragraph makes me nostalgic. If only it was simple enough to practice this in real life.

I know it is possible.. but it is difficult. And there are no short cuts :)

I am said...

Lovely piece Kshitiz :)

Felt am hearing myself again and again in those lines..

absolute blissness :)

e.n.j.o.u and spread the smile :) A MILE atleast :)

Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks Shivam.
I agree.. it's not about being complacent.. What I meant was being
a bit aware and pleased with the things one has in the first place. And then that happiness does come from within.

Shivi, yeps.. certain things are difficult. But definitely not impossible.

Thanks Tanu. Glad you liked it.

anewlife said...

well said kshitiz:)

and there are times when being only human..you feel totally wretched....and then if you extend yourself to make other's happy...life takes a quantum heap and miraclously your life gets lifted from despiar and becomes enchanting :)

Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks Jyoti.
That feeling of giving happiness to others is no un-comparable to any ther feeling.

Beyond bliss at times.