04 January, 2009


Do you fight Desires?

Especially negative desires...
the things that you know are wrong.. that the society despises.. and still you feel like doing it..

How do you do it?
Well I guess there are many ways to do it.. but for me what is working currently to a little extent is to be occupied in some other work.

It's kinds weird to have such a kind of post in the start of the year. A post with more questions than answers, but I guess it gives some direction to follow.

Guess its with human nature to believe more in things... when they are written down that just spoken.


I am said...

right & wrong, negative & positive is relative kshitiz...
but i do face similar conflicts all the time..:( this is what I do ..

1. sleep over it and let time speak..
2. ask my inner self what I want.. if the answer is yes, I go for it. although it does not always lead to making everyone happy or collecting experiences but I am less regretful that way.. :)

good luck with u fight..
use 'expecto patronum' sareeeeee pareshani choo manter :)

iya said...

I read this somewhere, that as humans we understand things better when they are told as stories. Instead of facts, we like to believe in stories. And if something we want or desire does not fit a story, we get upset. We fight hard to make it fit into some story. Just a random thought.

As the comment above said, Right and Wrong is relative. But I believe that each of us should have a consistent definition for our own selves - of right and wrong. We need to know where the line is drawn. Just as someone said, "If you do not believe in something, you will fall for everything"

I usually feel society is man made and is hence questionable. So dnt fight desires just coz the society despises them. We are all bound to make mistakes, so take the risk and see if what seems like a desire right now, might be a necessity :)

~mE said...

u r tagged !!