19 January, 2009

On Decisions....

Is it really that difficult to make a decision and stick by it?

Should one be forced to change the decision based on the influence of others ?
I guess not.

Decisions should be taken with a proper understanding of the situation and the consequences.


~mE said...

Omg, off late you have been writing heavy..go easy k..:)
Sometimes one should just go with the flow..not think too much..:)

I am said...

i can never have a proper and complete understanding of a situation until am passed 1 - 2 years in it :)

anewlife said...

part of becoming an adult is taking a decision and dealing with the consequences of the decision....good or bad...what seems like a mistake ...in retrospect may seem like the best thing that ever happened to you...

if other's force/influence a decision..it becomes their decision and not yours :))

hang in there :))

Abhikalp said...
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Abhikalp said...

I would again say to you....go with the flow don't think too much. Don't over analyze things/decision/future. No one knows what will happen in future just live in the present.

iya said...

Follow your heart and get an validate the feasibility of your decision with your mind. Do what you think is right . Decisions are a very very personal thing and you should not allow anyone to impact your decisions.

I cannot agree more with Anewlife. If you let others influence your decisions then you will come across situations where you will not be convinced about your decision and that will result in moments of doubt.

If you make the decision, you are convinced about it and doubt has no place to breed.

Also some decisions are short term and some are long term. I try making short term decisions that add up to a long term vision. This way you will have enough opportunities at every step to correct your mistakes and still meet the long term goal.

Kshitiz Anand said...

Sharanya .. hehe.. just kabhi kabhi aisa mood ho jaata hai ..
I agree.. going with the flow is impt.

Thanks Tanu. hota hai . kai log ke saath hota hai .. :) I am glad I am not alone hehe!

Thanks Jyoti. I absolutely agree to you. And ya .. u inspire to be more firm on the decisions!

Thanks Abhikalp. Living in the present it has been ... and will be... just at times due to certain incidences we tend to think otherwise.

Thanks Shivi.I have been doing just that ... and I am glad I have been happy doing it that way.