24 January, 2009

An Internal Fight

After a long pause, he said further,
"Everyday is a fight. A fight with no one else in particular, but just with the inner self. To be more specific, a fight between the mind and the heart. Isn't life so much simpler when you have somethings that are in resonance with the mind and the heart? But ideally it is not so. There is always a conflict. Your heart wants you to be in a certain place, at a certain time and the mind would in most cases have a conflict. And it is these situations that often lead to a situation which, trust me is not pleasant. In this situation, there is this aura of insecurity that surrounds you."

"But you can talk to others and get a clarification on things right? You talk to so many people and have amazing PR skills. You speak your mind, and you speak it well. So what's the harm in doing so?"
she said. She had this habit of always interrupting him in middle.

He thought about it. Over the past few days he had advised to so many people, spoken on a gamut of issues. And in these times where, he required some advice for himself he did not know whom to go to. Friends whom he thought, understood him, did not now. His family never really got to know much about what he was doing. All they knew was that he had done academically pretty well throughout his school and his college and that he was away in a far off place doing something. They assumed that he must be doing really well as that's what he sounded like on the long and frequent telephonic calls.

I travel alone.....

He continued "You know, thats the irony of the situation. Over the years, there have been just a handful of people who really understood me. And with time that handful changes. There are very very few who stay with you through thick and thin, but others just move on. Its easy to move on. Simple."

...to be continued.


iya said...

As usual a lovely piece.

People are strange Kshitiz. They will always be the big piece in the puzzle of life that will remain unresolved.

As Shakespeare said , "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances," Thats why people come , play their parts and go and you are left alone eventually. Thats just how it is.

Some people have a longer role and stay with us , and some are just fillers..

I am said...

Absolutely Kshitiz, most move on and only a handful remain. But imagine what chaos it would be if ALL the people we met till now in our lives remained tagged!!! Uff...it would have been torturous I think.

Am glad, thankful and blessed for the handful who choose to stay.

Anonymous said...

I loved the picture. The fields, although grained, gives the feeling of a field ready to be harvested.