08 July, 2008

Are you Happy?

Today I posted this on my status message in office and suddenly I had people pinging me. All this while .. no one was even interested in saying a HI. So it caught my attention.
One person said that it is a very difficult question to answer. Another reposed the question to me, saying that he is happy.
So when I analysed this situation I understand that Yes, we do need to ask ourselves this question from time to time.
After all what's life worth living for when you are not happy!

One thing that I constantly am reminded of if, we as human beings are always killing the joy and happiness of today by remembering about yesterday and worrying about tomorrow.
Wish everyone enjoyed each day with whatever they had.

But then, thats not a possibility as if it was the case, their would be no fightings. No wars, no crime. And that one would say is against the principles of economics.

Today is the Beatle, Ringo Star's birthday. Yesterday in a paper I read that he wished for peace and joy to all in his birthday. Well, ideally that would be wonderful. Unfortunately, it is not.


Whizkid said...

This is true..very true!

Saty said...

very interesting...a idea let me try this here to know the mood.....

adhuri Kahani said...

After all what's life worth living for when you are not happy!

Bahut khoob kaha .. i agree with u ,,