10 July, 2008

Childhood Memories | First School

So, I am starting to write more frequently now.
I personally feel that there is a lot of things that I can share. From my boarding education, to parents in a transferable job, to my travel across the country.
I have this dream of visiting all across India before I turn 30, and if things go as per the plan, that should be achievable.
Just that been roaming other parts of the world too in the mean time.

First School.
The very first school that I went to was the Sun Shine School located at Kurseong, in the beautiful hills of Darjeeling District of West Bengal.
I remember I was in dormitory 2 and there was a Bulbul Miss who was our matron. Miss Bulbul was amongst the sweetest teachers that you would meet. I am sure she must have convinced my parents very well when they were leaving me at the hostel for the first time. Amongst the ayahs, whom we used to call didi then, some names that come to my mind are Asha didi and Uma didi. One for her penchant of pinching kids with her super long nails and the other for her every loving nature for kids. This is perhaps why they remain in my memories even after 21 years I met them.

...to be continued.

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