10 July, 2008

My babe is sick

So sick that I had to hospitalize her.
And every moment I spend without her is so painful.
I am sure everyone who loves someone would understand it.

I remember the day when we came together. It seemed like we were waiting for years.
The thirst in me to possess her was unexplainable.
At the same time I was ecstatic.
My months of patience had finally paid off.
I was finally going to have her. And me and she... we were going to be one.
I had not told my parents about it. I remember it was only after 6 months I told them the details of our relationship.
My friends were jealous of me, but at the same time happy for me.

The first time I touched her body, I could feel her getting shy. Though she was unresponsive.Or perhaps she was responding, and I was just not able to feel it.
Over the years we became best of friends, soulmates. I would not go anywhere without her.
She became an unseparable part of me. People recognised us as one. Either was incomplete without the other.

I have taken so much care of her, been very careful while handling her.
But she is just too sensitive.
A little bit of heat or dust or rain and she is not able to resist it.
The last time she was sick, I had her cured on the same day.
However this time the wait is longer.
The nurse who was taking her away to the chambers was a bit rough while handling her and I could hear my heart shout at her.
I requested the doctor to take special care of her. He assured me to look after her with extra care and to get her cured well.
There were other patients in the hospital. I am sure they must have been loved ones of someone.

Its funny how the heart aches when you get detached for a short while from the people or thing you love.
People would show emotions. Things however do not.

Every second of the wait is killing me. I wait for her return. So that we could explore new horizons together again.
The list of places is long and the time short.

I feel incomplete without her.
I miss her so much.

I miss my Nikon.


Hayath said...

haha !

Had me laughing @ the end of it :)
But the poetry still was nice, nicely done buds


piyush said...

mast bro,
now its high time to get a gal too.

akshath said...

super dude... nicely written :)

Chandan said...

I had guessed 'her' name but wasn't sure till I read the last line :P
but a good one...

Whizkid said...

Oh I can totally feel the pain of camera not working !

divye said...

nice post...

I guessed it in starting but in the midst I thought its something else :)

Kshitiz said...

really felt sentimental at the beginning

Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks Hayath
Thanks Piyush.. I too think the same!
Thanks Akshath
Thanks Chandan
Thanks Mridvika
Thanks Divye
Thanks Kshitiz

adhuri Kahani said...

Bahut khoob yaar .. it was too touchy to read this ..