12 July, 2008

Babe is fine and Back

Thank you all for the good wishes.
I got my babe back yesterday.

The last couple of days had been hard on me.
So much so, that people actually noticed it...
Said another colleague,
"Whats wrong? Why are you low today?"
How do I tell her what I was missing? Though she knew about my babe, perhaps she could not understand my affection for my love. And I did not want to spend my energy in convincing her.

Waiting for my babe at the hospital, I met two other ladies. One had come to take her lover back and the other was just admitting her one who was very was serious. I had a chance to see him. Short, black, and I could make out he was from the same clan as my love. He had a fracture in the skull. His body parts did not function well. I felt really sorry for the lady. Her voice was so low when she was speaking to the nurse and I could feel the pain myself.

At this moment, the first lady, who also happened to be a regular visitor to the hospital said that for such situations she always had another body with her. It was like saying that she had two people she loved a lot and one susbtituted for the other when one was hospitalised. Felt odd about it.
How could you have two lovers at the same time? It is something that is impossible for me. Its always been just one. Maybe the lady's profession demanded it. I remember having to compleely forget and give up my old love when we broke up and put in all my affection for this new one.
Having multiple lovers at the same time would definitely lead to jealousy and above all a storm in the mind with all the confusion around.

Soon, holding my babe, the nurse appeared. The moment I got her back, I could feel my heart jumping with joy. This also seemed to be showing on my face, as I saw the nurse smiling at me.

God!!! They, had her wrapped up in plastic. But then it perhaps was for that extra precaution. Felt bad thinking about all the pain she would have had to undergo at the operation table. Those instruments would have hurt. I hope the anaethesia worked properly. I even hate the nauseating smell of it and those instruments sends shivers within me. I feel cold just at the thought of it.

My babe smiled at me. We smiled at the other ladies and at the nurse.
Together we were one again. Me and she. Me promising to take care of her all the more from now on. She promising to keep serving me with the same vigour as when we had first met.

Today I am going on a date with my babe. We are thinking of trying a new location.

Till we are back.

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