20 July, 2008

A Beachy Affair

Today Nikky and me went to the beach...

We spent three hours on the beach...
Apart from the cuddling and the spending time with each other we also met a few seagulls.
Now a word about seagulls. I wanted to take pictures of them and while doing it, it also struck me that I could do an entire series on them. The beach is just a minute walk from my apartment here and the seagulls are there always!
Seagulls are one of the most interesting creatures that I have come across. They scare you, they surprise you, they play with you like friends.
If I moved towards them, they did not fly.. but just walked. If I moved left, they moved right .. and the vice versa. And the faster I walked, the faster they walked!

There was a person on the beach who had supposedly come to read, but she seemed too impressed with my act. I also had other people staring at me..
Family's Day out

I was trying to take pictures of it. I wanted to take a picture of it just when it takes off.
With the limited possibilities that my lenses allow, I kept trying!
I could sense that Nikky was getting frustrated at this... of me trying to capture it .. I tried for many times... and thats something with me.
I like to keep trying till I get the shot I want.
One of the things about being a perfectionist. Guess its inbuilt as a Virgo.
However, many a times, it does lead to problematic situations.
At the end I had to settle for this. I also realize that I need a faster lens. Someday perhaps I will get that and Nikky will be happy too! :)

Lets see where we go together now!
Oh Ya, we did go on a cruise the other day. The Odyssey at Chicago. Perhaps I will write about it the next time.

Till then ..


Sharanya said...

K, find a better name for your camera, nikky sounds very tacky :|

Abhikalp said...

I agree, nikky..Geez...