28 July, 2008

Monologue ...

Sitting at the coffee table at Barista, I discuss this with Netra often.

Basically it was a monologue you could say.
She did not say a word and it was just me doing all the talking all the while.
There is this thing with me.
If I am not talking, I would not talk, and if i start talking, i just go and on.

"Today's fortune:
You are the master of every situation. "
I read that in an online fortune message. How true it is I thought.

All against myself | Mahabalipuram Beach

I often say to people who ask me for advice, the best person for the solution to your problems is yourself. The others are just to guide you.

What I am is because of me.
What I will be is because of me.

What I will do is because I like doing it.
What I seek is because I yearn for it.

I am an integral part of me.
Every success is mine.
Every failure is mine.

I am the creator of my dreams.
I am the follower of my dreams.

I am the creator of my problems,
I am the finder of the solutions...

I am the center of my universe.
So I am me.

Also read similar thing at my friend Sharanya's profile and have loved it.

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~mE said...

Amen...be you...because there is nothing better than being yourself :)