24 July, 2008

Dark Times

It was a dark evening.
The clouds enveloped over the city like a dark ocean over the skyscrapers.
The towers of the John Hancock and the Sears Towers appeared to be kissing the clouds and could drench the city at any instant.

Aboard the Odyssey, Netra and me, headed out onto the Lake.
A perfect romantic evening it was. She looked gorgeous in that black outfit of hers. The slanting candle light shone on her body and it glittered like gold. And why not. After all she was my babe. My Golden babe.

The chiaroscuro formed by the clouds, formed interesting patterns on the wake of the cruise. The sun kept playing hide and seek. With the gentle breeze and the rising waves , the water of the looked beautiful.
Standing at the deck, with water droplets hitting us from time to time, we stared at the skyline.
It was a truly romantic moment. A moment of being connected to each other. Far from the maddening crowd of the city, and in the arms of each other.

I had to be over protective of Nikky and made sure that no water went on her sensitive skin. I did not want to send her to the hospital again so soon.

The Dark Night

Observing the scene outside, we were wondering about the similar kind of situation that people go through in their life. At times, the clouds engulf the entire soul and even a single ray of light is enough to motivate them.

I remember many such instances in my life. Situations when there would be no one by my side, but Nikky. And these small small incidences in my life has increased my love for her a lot more.
I knew that come what may, in any situation , Nikky would be by my side.
Always there to cheer me up.
Always there to motivate me.
Always showing me the light that is there, at times just beyond the clouds.
Every time I felt let down by someone, Nikky was there for me. She helped me regain my faith in myself. She helped me rejuvinate everytime I came back tired.

When I tell her these things, she blushes. I can sense that. It's just that it is not evident on her face. She has always been very modest and perhaps will never understand the value that she holds in my life.

She is just too precious for me.


caps said...

u should thanks arora ...netra what a lovely name....

Sanka Tandav Krishna said...

As ever, colors captured in the photograph are awesome...

'Every time I felt let down by someone'

Who is this someone?

adhuri Kahani said...


kool buddy .. netra -- is it your nikon camera ?

Lost Soul ( Nitin Pande ) said...

Sexy photo ... its like the impending event ... either the first rays of light clearing the sky or the clouds about to cover the last rays of light .. either ways the magic works :)

Chandan said...

nice pic...
kya settings/lens used for this pic?

adjwilli said...

That's totally Gotham City from the river, right?

Nice shot.