23 July, 2008

What's in a name?

Well there are many kind of names. There are pseudo names, pet names, love names, home names, official names, maiden names .... and so on.

I am sure many of you out there, would have pet names too. I remember having quite a few.
In college my friends used to call me names.. in school it was different ones.. when am at home.. people call me something different.. and then when with loved ones.. they call me something different. ..

But at the end end of it how does it matter?
I am me
It's all me. The same person.

So Nikky is Netra. Netra is Nikky.
Nikky is when i am feeling more loved and Netra is when I am on the job with her.

Netra is my vision.
It's through her eyes that I see the world.
And there are many a times that I see a world that is not to be seen with my eyes.

...is all i can offer.

At times Netra loves to adorn these special lenses and at those moments the world around us changes dramatically. There is suddenly so much beauty all around. Every thing has its own design and is truly divine.
Happy Spring
And I do feel that at times everyone should take the time out and see the world around them. Pause from the busy lives and just observe and appreciate the beauty of things around.

At times, I so wish, Nikky could talk to me and let me know if she had a pet name for me too! I am sure she would have one as I am sure she loves me just as much as I do.


~mE said...


Kshitiz Anand said...

:) Sharanya!

Chandan said...

the leaf pic is amazing!! and my respects to Nikki .. oops. Netra :P

~ ॐ ~ said...

ok the fotos are phenominol !!!

about the name... its more about convinience of identification... we identify with various things differently at various time and we don't identify with some...

when we start connecting, we gives names for various occasions... like I have been given Peta, OM, Omzie etc etc... and we don't connect anymore, we call people just a friend ;)

And how many times do we call "things" with names too.. like my Radha and my Murarilal :)

good post and the pictures ! mind blowing !!!

Raj Tipparaju said...

Terrific pictures and simple, yet powerful thought.

I am said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting... to see both Niiki and Netra,

I feel names just give a personal touch to things in life be it my car, my ipod, my house, my cat, any body...